Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Today's entertainment world is being ruthlessly invaded by the Reboot. To look for an origin of this craze, you might take a gander at Battlestar Galactica, a campy 1970s Sci-Fi that received a darker, gritter (and AWESOME.....Ahem, yeah) Reboot in 2003. You could then look at the Batman film franchise, and find Christopher Nolan undoing the atrocities committed by Joel Schumacher and returning a respectable Batman to the world. Then of course there's 'The Incredible Hulk', the Spider-Man Reboot soon to be released, and so on and so forth.

And the bandwagon looked like a lot of fun, so I jumped on it. This blog has now been rebooted. Yippee!

As has been made clear by the sudden pain you've experienced in your eyes, the blog now has a new layout, as well as a new title, one that seemed appropriately nightmarish. I'm also writing on it in a different style, because frankly, before the Reboot, this little spot on the internet took itself too darn seriously. I'm no longer The Night Writer, I'm Crazy Gentleman, and boy howdy, doesn't it show?

So I'll see you all later, because I hope to be updating this thing far more frequently from now on. But then, that's what I tell my dear chum The Persistent Pesterer all the time, and if you asked him how frequently I was truthful about it, he would start to twitch, then begin to laugh, and then murder you.

....No, no he wouldn't. But he would twitch and laugh.


  1. You've returned to blogging!!! Allow me to express my great joy! XD XD XD

    And hooray for Christopher Nolan "returning a respectable Batman to the world." I really like Batman Begins. :)

    Keep writing!

  2. I quite honestly really liked the name "Night Writer"....

    Congrats on the reboot! I am so looking forward to this. XD