Monday, January 25, 2010

And So it Begins.

Greetings to anyone who may be reading. At the request of a friend, and the approval of various other ones, I have decided to create and manage a 'blog', as the kids are calling them. If you seek profound knowledge, deep wisdom, or logical sense, read no further, for you shall find none of the above here. However, if you crave insanity, if you value that which is random, and if you are a fellow lover of the weird, stay, my friend, for you are welcome here.

Being that it is highly unlikely that this will be read by anyone unfamiliar with me, you probably already know my backround. However, on the off-chance that you are a stranger, I go by the unassuming name of Thomas, I live in the unassuming location of a family farm, and I presently go by the unassuming age of fifteen standard earth-years. I have what many, including myself, consider to be a large family, it containing one matriarch, one patriarch, four girliarchs, and myself. I am male. As I presume you have guessed.

I aspire to be a writer of fiction, and only time will tell if this is an unrealistic goal or not. The purpose of this blog? For me to tell of the goings-on in my life, and others', in a manner as witty as I can. Will I succeed? Again, only time can reveal thus.

My title as the Night Writer has a bit of a story behind it. A dear friend of mine, who is just as much of, if not far more than, a writer, gave me the name as a joke. It is quite an appropriate name, as I once wrote until-as I recall-nearly midnight, and got into a great deal of trouble for it. Also, I am an admirer of Batman. Very much so.

This blog is a mere infant born into the vast expanse of the cyberwebs. It's future, reader, lies with you. Will you read such nonsensical, trivial writings, or will you dismiss this as just another piece of the 90% meaningless internet? I know not. I only hope that if you choose the former, that I can keep you entertained.

I bid you good day, sir or madam,
~The Night Writer.


  1. the board is set...the pieces are moving.

  2. I am definately going to be reading these :)

    Thank you for making a weird lover blog!

    And a good one too! Not one of those ones that talk about Alien sightings or about Evolution. Ack!

    I cannot wait to read your amazing new pieces!

    Signed Alyssa
    -Earth Artist

    PS. I love your screenname. It's perfect xD

  3. Muahahahaha, so, THIS is your hidden lair, Night Writer!

    I shall greatly enjoy wreaking havoc upon your entries and laughing from the comments pages! >:D

    (I cannot wait to read more already.)

  4. To this place I shall come and learn of the inner workings of The Night Writer.